Sunday, December 14, 2008

Who Are Those Guys???

For those wondering about the sudden emergence of the Swedish flag-toting "Dancing With The Stars" wannabe at the last two CBJ games, Tom Reed has the answer in Puck-Rakers:

Huselius provided tickets to Thursday night's game for his former personal trainer, Christian Rosen, and his brother, Johan, aka, the Deney Terrio of Stockholm. Decked out in a blue Swedish soccer shirt and waving the flag of Sweden, Johan danced the night away in Section 120.
His entertaining moves occasionally were captured on the arena Jumbotron. At one point, the crowd saw shots of both Johan and beefy fan favorite, Kevin Schroeder. Huselius recalls looking up at the scoreboard and smiling. He is not a toxicologist, but he suspects alcohol might have been involved.
"He was having a good time for sure. It was the first NHL game for both of them," Huselius said. "He probably had a little too much to drink before the game."


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