Monday, June 15, 2009

Balsillie Foiled Again

It appears that Hamilton will have to wait a bit longer for an NHL franchise. Gary Bettman outmaneuvered Jim Balsillie in the United States Bankruptcy Court, with Judge Redfield Baum ruling tonight that there is insufficient time to adequately address the complicated legal issues attendant to a franchise move before Balsillie's self-imposed June 29 deadline.

While the NHL wins this round in Court, the basis for the victory is tenuous, at best. Had Balsillie allowed for some additional time, or had a few of the legal hurdles been cleared in advance, a different result might have emerged. However, for now it appears that Phoenix will retain the Coyotes for one more season.

I have not yet laid my hands on the complete ruling, but will provide more detail when I do. Find the THN story

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