Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sharks Nab Heatley In Three Team Deal??? Reports abound, but denials rage

According to a report on NHL Fanhouse (here), and later by ESPN, Ottawa has finally consummated a deal for troubled winger Dany Heatley, shipping him to the San Jose Sharks in a three team deal that has the Sharks sending former captain Patrick Marleau to the Los Angeles Kings, and the Kings packaging forward Alexander Frolov and Jarrett Stoll, another winger, to the Senators.  However, since word broke approximately two hours ago, denials have been issued by all three camps, with the Kings calling it "utter bull."  So, we may not be anwhere different than we were at the beginning of the day.

Assuming, however, for the sake of argument, that this is what the deal ends up like, Ottawa and San Jose each seem to be getting what they want in this deal.  Ottawa finally ends the ongoing headache that Heatley represents, and avoids an awkward camp with him present. They also get some young scoring help. Similarly, San Jose gets a talented forward, and avoids the discomfort of having Marleau, the defrocked captain, in their camp. 

Los Angeles may  be the loser in this one.  They are giving up a lot of scoring in favor of adding some age and leadership.  Not sure that is an even deal, considering that Frolov and Stoll combined for 100 points last season. Sure, Marleau ended up with 71 points, but he is notoriously streaky, and LA has removed 2 of the key offensive tools that would help Marleau's numbers. 

Interesting stuff.  Now let's see if some other deals start happening.

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