Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm Baaaack!!!!!

For better or worse, I am dusting off the old blog and firing up the engine once again.

Lots of reasons for resuming, but with various developments and opportunities arising, here is the bottom line:

1.  I will continue covering the Blue Jackets for Inside Hockey, where you will see my game analysis and such.

2.  I have started as a regular contributor to The Hockey Writers, where you will see more feature-type material, some on the Blue Jackets, some on collegiate hockey, some on hockey in general.  You can check out my most recent piece on the Arena issue, where I attempt to bring some focus and rationality to the discussion.  Upcoming pieces include analysis of what other cities around the league do with their arenas and hockey clubs, and a three part series on the Doug MacLean era with the Blue Jackets, looking at the reality of performance as a President, a General Manager and a Coach.  Also some up-close looks at the Miami Redhawks hockey team. 

3.  I will regularly post items of interest to the blog here -- at least daily, with the usual blend of humor, insight and craziness.

4.  I will pop my head in over at Light The Lamp from time to time, just to keep John on the straight and narrow.

Pass the word!!!!

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BZArcher said...

Good to see you back here. :)