Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fans Dominate Avs Blog/Ottawa Rumors Pick Up

Just a couple of quick items to get the day started:

-- CBJ fans have been doing a great job of representing on the Colorado Av's blog referenced here yesterday! Nicely done. For those who have not had a chance to visit, here is the link.

-- My sources from Ottawa and Quebec (yes, I really have sources!) are telling me that a deal sending Vermette to the CBJ is picking up steam and getting some considerable air-time on radio. No word on who would be heading north, but conventional wisdom is that it would be a player plus draft pick(s). Trying to get my hands on more details. Stay tuned!

Preview of Av's game later this afternoon.


cincyfan said...

vermette would fit in very well here.i think the change of scenario and attitude here would help him.i would rather have him than spezza. also, i dont think it would cost the farm to get him


chunx said...

yea agreed... i dont want any part of SPEZZA'S contract... OTT can keep him and it...

id like to see vermette though with jake and nikita on his wings