Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Leclaire Out, Campbell Miffed

It's now official -- Pazzy will have season-ending ankle surgery for torn ligaments and bone spurs in his ankle. Surgery will likely take place later this week at the Cleveland Clinic, with a recovery period of 10 -12 weeks ahead. He is expected to fully recover before next training camp.

This is the best move all the way around. The cycle of doctor appointment/back to the ice/IR/doctor appointment is not good for him or the club. Get healthy, come back at full strength. Whether he comes back as the first string goalie for us, a top flight backup, or prime trade material, a healthy Pazzy is what everybody wants. Bon Chance!

Columbus' favorite NHL Executive, Colin Campbell, is apparently not pleased with the CBJ brass at the moment. Per an item in Puck-Rakers, Campbell is not at all happy that Columbus is holding Steve Mason out of the Young Stars game. Seems that we found a loophole, in that while a player who plays in the regular season game immediately before the All Star game must play in the big game, the same rule is not in place for the Young Stars tilt. Given Mason's back issues and the schedule he has played, it makes sense to give him a week of rest and treatment. Sorry, Colin. How about looking at those replays a little closer next time?

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jemhuff said...

Let's just hope LeClaire doesn't get a staph infection while he's there.