Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Miscellany

Here is this week's installment of tidbits from here and there:

Nash To IR -- This was reported by Puck-Rakers this morning. Normally, this would be a 3-Alarm post all to itself, but the nature and circumstances of the move lead me to thing there is nothing particularly sinister here. Retroactive to January 6, MacKenzie called up, and Howson states that they needed the roster spot. He said Nash wasn't moving as quickly as expected, but no setbacks. He could be available as early as the Friday NJ contest. I would like to have him available for the NW Canada trip, but more important that he is around for the long haul. A nice luxury to have the play from our youngsters that makes this approach even possible.

Toronto Rumblings -- Interesting item from The Hockey News today:

Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Tomas Kaberle has long been a subject of trade rumors this season and last week he added fuel to the fire by saying he’d be willing to waive his no-trade clause if requested by management.Leafs GM Brian Burke has stated he won’t ask any of his players currently with no-movement clauses to waive them, but it’s believed if one of them - be it Kaberle or fellow Leafs blueliner Pavel Kubina - wants out he’d be willing to deal them. It might be in the players’ best interests to request a trade now when the two would have a say in their potential destinations. Should the Leafs miss the playoffs, there’s a clause in their contracts that provides Burke a two-month window to deal them to any NHL team without permission. The Leafs aren’t about to tank the season to try to land in draft lottery contention for the 2009 first overall pick, but a package centered around either Kaberle or Kubina could be used by Burke to try to land a high pick come this June’s entry draft.

Thus, while not earth-shattering by itself, it does lend credence to the theory that Toronto would make people available for draft picks, meaning the CBJ could well be in the hunt there. This would enable Toronto to stock up for the draft without "officially" tanking the season. Of course, if they part with Antropov, Kaberle and/or Kubina . . .

Playing Dress-Up -- Also from THN is the following from Adam Proteau's blog:

Steve Mason may single-handedly be responsible for me getting dressed up like a Civil War soldier for a future game in Columbus. I’m slowly coming to terms with this, but if the rest of his Blue Jackets teammates don’t do much to help Mason out, I think they should have to wear the damn antique clothing too.

Colorado Bulletin Board Material -- Finally, as if we ever need incentive to beat the Avalanche, with or without Adam Foote, the following is Adrian Dater's blog entry for today in the Denver Post:

Rayzor will again be the Avs’ padded guardian of the corded igloo tomorrow in the land that gave you Wendy’s hamburgers and Woody Hayes. That’s four straight starts for Rayzor, while Boods contemplates losing his starting job for the second straight season right around the midway point, this time to a different goalie.
No Adam Foote on the trip (sorry, to those bitter Columbus fans who were anticipating taking out their life’s frustrations on him in what would have been his first game back in the CBJ. I guess they’ll just have to go back to burning Michigan and USC flags instead - 35-3, Buckeye fans, OUCH!) and no Ian Laperriere either.
No Rick Nash for the Dinner Jackets either. Placed on IR today, retroactive to Jan. 6. That would make him eligible to return for tomorrow’s game, but it won’t happen. He’s out with a bum knee.

Let me see, CBJ beats Avs 4-2 and 6-1 in their house, and he is talking smack? Here is link to his blog for intrepid readers desiring to comment. I might just drop a word or two in myself . . .

Go Jackets !!!


Rick said...

I let Adrian Dater know that "the first step to admitting you have a problem is uderstanding the fact that you got spanked in your own house".

I liked your comment to him. Think he'll get the message?

JAL said...

Nice, Rick!!! I liked the comment. Also traveled over to your blog and subscribed. Some pretty funny stuff there!

As to whether Dater "gets it" or not, tough to say. It used to be that local columnists could write anything they wanted, knowing that only the friendly local fan base would read it, in all likelihood.

Now, with the advent of the internet and blogging, you never know if these guys are writing this stuff just to get a rise out of people and increase their stats. Either way, I hope to be able to post a victory comment at Dater's blog on Wednesday.

Rick said...

When we win, I'll be right behind you in posting to his blog.

Thanx for checking out my blog. It doesn't compoare to the coverage of tha Jackets that you & LTL give. I don't even try to compete. I'm always talking up both of your blogs to people I meet.

I see you liked my little pic of Foote-Loose?!?

JAL said...

Absolutely!!! I was hoping somebody captured that picture! Nicely done!

Rick said...

The comments are flying "hot & heavy" over there. I think the Avs fans are living in a bubble/dream world.