Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Can You Say "Stay Out Of The Box"?

Been a busy, busy day today, so my Blues preview will be necessarily abbreviated.

Stay Out Of The Box -- Simple enough, right? St. Louis gets a huge percentage of their points from the power play, so we can't allow them to take advantage of that. Play smart!

Simplicity -- As Hitch would say -- North to South game, not East West. Let's not play Harlem Globetrotters hockey here. Traffic in front, shoot the puck. First person attempting a drop pass in the slot I will personally ship to Elmira.

60 Minutes of Hitch Hockey -- Let's jump on them early, check hard, get the puck deep, forecheck all over the ice, and bury our chances.

Top Line Dominance -- Let's get our top guys back on track with points across the line.

We are 0 - 2 against this team, and need to assert ourselves now. Last loss was Mason's last mono-ridden game, so we have a fresh goaltender tonight and things should be different. We are in a race, and need to play loose, fast and hard.

Go Jackets!!


soultrain said...

For 40 minutes they followed the game plan and played hard, foot on the throat and it looked like they were ready to claim dominace to an inferior team. Then they stopped in the third period and almost let this one slip away from them. This is what Hitch has been talking about, and fortunately gives him more talking points and film evidence to show the team to keep them working. Glad we got the win, but sure felt like they were trying to give 2 points away at the end. The heat is getting turned up in the West and the Jackets have a team built for a solid playoff run, need to always do the little things to ensure a victory.

BZArcher said...

That almost got REALLY ugly, but at least they got the 2 points...and I'll bet a very loud discussion on the plane ride up to YYZ