Friday, February 27, 2009

Playoff Update & Rooting Guide For Friday

In order to satisfy the ongoing interest in all things playoff related, here are the latest projected standings at season's end, based upon each team continuing to perform at the same rate they have performed to date, accounting for the division winners taking the top three seeds:

1. San Jose 127 points
2. Detroit 118 points
3. Calgary 107 points
4. Chicago 106 points
5. Vancouver 93 points
6. Minnesota 90 points
7. Columbus 90 points
8. Dallas 89 points
9. Edmonton 87 points
10. Nashville 85 points
11. Anaheim 85 points
12. Los Angeles 83 points
13. St. Louis 83 points
14. Phoenix 78 points
15. Colorado 75 points

So, right now 89 is the magic number to get in. That is tenuous, and could move down if Dallas doesn't find a way to get some offense soon. Minnesota has some tough ones coming up, and Anaheim is rumored to be getting ready to punt and be a seller this season. Watch out for Nashville, who is getting some wins without scoring a lot of goals.

Rooting guide for tonight:

Detroit over Los Angeles
Calgary over Minnesota
Tampa Bay over Vancouver
Pittsburgh over Chicago (why not?)


Miami over Ohio State Go Redhawks!!! ;-)

Tomorrow -- some serious trade rumbling.

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