Monday, April 6, 2009

Playoff Math -- Revisited

Upon further review, some of my statements about playoff possibilities were incorrect, due to my failure to account for the number of wins each team might have.  That is the first "real" tiebreaker, assuming all teams have played the same number of games.  My bad.  Here is the "real" scoop (honest!):
  • 1 win and 1 OTL by the CBJ put us in the playoffs, and in 6th place, no matter what Anaheim, St. Louis and Nashvill do.
  • 1 loss by any of the 3 teams (Nashville, St. Louis, Anaheim) means that we only need 1 OTL in our last three to be in the playoffs.  
  • 1 loss and 1 OTL by any of our opponents means we are in, regardless.
Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of the NHL playoffs!


Anonymous said...


Hopefully it does not get to this point, but does a win Friday at St. Louis clinch regardless?

JAL said...

Yes, a win Friday would do it all by itself. Even if we lost Wednesday and Saturday, that would give us 92 points, and St. Louis would have a maximum of 90 points if they won their other 2 games.