Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Winning In the West . . .

Time once again to take advantage of an "off night" and do some serious rooting for teams we might not otherwise care about:
  • Chicago over Nashville --  Nashville is at home, last home game, and clawing for a playoff spot.  Chicago is striving to hold onto the 4th slot, and gain the home ice advantage for Round 1 of the playoffs.  Nashville has the edge in emotion, but Chicago has the talent and the ability to score that Nashville lacks.  Root for Chicago to win, and for Nashville to tire Chicago out in the process.
  • Phoenix over St. Louis -- The hordes of new talent that arrived in Phoenix after the Trade Deadline have started to learn how to play together, and Phoenix has been very competetive.  St. Louis is on the road yet again.  Root for St. Louis to go down.
  • Calgary over Vancouver -- This one is for all of the marbles in the Northwest, with a Calgary win icing the division for them. A Calgary win also helps Chicago nail down 4th spot, which could impact their motivation on Wednesday.  5th place is still technically in play, so Flames over Canucks is the play here.
This will be the 5 biggest days in Bluejackets hockey history.  Go Jackets!!!

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