Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Support Your Local Broadcasters!!!

According to the Dispatch folks, the broadcasting contracts with Matthews, Davidge, Gare and Rimer are all in limbo, though Rimer appears to be safe.  Check out the article here.  

Now, I can't speak for everyone, but I think this is a bad time to do a shakeup.  I, for one, think that the radio team is very good, with a great balance between the more reserved Davidge and George, who brings that uniqueness that you love in a play-by-play guy.  They have grown with the Jackets, and tearing that team out right now would leave a bad taste in the mouth of many fans.

Frankly, IMHO, if we were looking to make a change, the TV crew would be the one to go.  Don't get me wrong,  I love Danny Gare as a person. He is a great guy, and does know hockey.  He is a train wreck with a Telestrator, and really does not bring the depth that I want to see in a TV analyst.  His period break analysis of certain plays can be good, but all too often his fumbling of the Telestrator distracts from the point he is trying to make, and after several broadcasts in a row, you begin to realize that he is essentially just making the same point over and over.  A TV color guy really needs to bring a lot of depth to the table, as we can already see the game -- now give us more.

Rimer has a good voice and presence, but his constant name-dropping and gaffes in player (and sometimes team) names are really annoying.  He is also spectacularly predictable.  Every time we are in St. Louis , you know that Rimer will interview John Davidson, President of Hockey Operations for the Blues.  This is especially painful when you play road games in St. Louis twice within two weeks.  

Agree or disagree with me, but let's make our voices heard.  Email, call, fax or write  Larry Hoepfner, Marc Gregory or Russ Mollohan at the Blue Jackets and let them know how you feel about the broadcaster teams.  Post your views here as well.  


SoupDog said...

I like the radio guys, but Rimer and Gare leave a lot to be desired. Drop Rimer and get John Buccigross from ESPN - he has Ohio ties and an unbelievable passion for hockey. And get a color man that will match up well with Bucci.

DJ Davy B said...

Having spent a couple nights up in the pressbox and getting to know these guys I am seriously disturbed by this. Rimer is an ASS. Of all the people in the press row he is most likely to blow you off. I can't stand him on the air either. I agree about the name dropping. Gare tries hard, but face it he is made for radio...
George and Bill are AWESOME and they light the spark that gets me going before the games. Both of them took time to explain to me what they do and how they do it. George carries around a folio of all the terms he uses and tries to never repeat one in a game. He really cares about the CBJ. Bill is the consumate pro. He balances George and his delivery always is ON. Get rid of the TV guys but don't even think of changing the radio guys.

Rob P said...

Keep Billy and George, but Rims and Gare must go. Gare seems like a genuinely nice guy, but if I hear "finishability" one more time I'm gonna chuck. Rimer's forgetfulness is too much to take anymore. Bucci would be a nice win. I miss Engblom's goofy wife misses him too, but can only remember him as the "mullet guy".

Good to see you around again, JAL...was starting to wonder just how badly you took the sweep ;-) Game 4 is an experience I'll never forget, I hope it can help carry me through the Summer, aka no-hockey months.

BZArcher said...

Sign me up for the "I love George and Bill" crowd.

Danny's been nice when I met him in person, but I've never felt much love for Rimer. I'm glad he recovered from his illness earlier, but I wouldn't say not to a change on the TV side.

JAL said...

No lack of passion on this topic, eh??

DJDavyB -- I agree. I have experienced the same thing in the Press Box. Bill was willing to talk at length about the Jackets, Miami (where my son goes), etc. George as well. Rimer? A wave and "Cya". Not enough star power to waste his time with.

I have chatted at length with Gare and really, really like the guy. He has great stories, but just does not cut it on TV. I don't know if it's the medium that intimidates him or Rimer, but he is just painful to watch at times.

George and Bill are a great blend, and George may be the only broadcaster in the game where you don't really care that you are really not sure what just happened.

Thanks for the input, guys.


Northwest Side Jacket said...

I hope all four come back. In the end that could happen.

I do think there is more likelihood for a change in the TV side. There is no doubt in my mind that Rimer will be back. I happened to see Rimer earlier this week at a local establishment with a friend of his. A friend that happened to look just like Larry Hoepfner. That, and the Dispatch article, told me all I needed to know about Rimer's status.

I like Danny Gare a lot and have talked to him. I find him hilarious and very knowledgeable. In a couple of conversations with him, I did get the impression that there were issues with him and Rimer. If Gare does not return to the booth, I hope the organization finds him a job. The youngsters seem to like Gare a lot.

Any change in the radio booth could get very ugly for the Jackets. George and Bill are great and well liked. I see no reason to replace them.

docrichie9 said...

Regarding Danny Gare, I agree he can leave you wondering sometime....but, for me, it was that quirkiness that made me like him. The other thing I like about Danny is he seemed like he wasn't just collecting a paycheck...he genuinely seemed to be a fan.

As for Rimer....I disagree with some of you...I love him. I've never met him, so I can't speak about him personally. However, honestly, I think some of you blasting him because he "waved, and c'ya" OR "he's an ASS....he is most likely to blow you off".....quit whining. You sound like a bunch of cry babies. Are you really that thin skinned?? He's there to entertain the fans, not entertain you. I like him....he gets into the games, he's passionate and, like Danny, genuinely seems to be a CBJ fan.