Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Dispatch Does It Again!

Our local scribes are at it again. Today's CBJ coverage proclaims in the subhead that "Bluejackets tie it three times . . ." Very nice, except it's WRONG! Voracek scored first, Detroit then tied it, went ahead on their second PP goal, we tied it with Tyutin's first, they went back ahead with the awful goal at the end of the second, and we tied it with Tyutin's red line special.

While the article correctly places the loss at Pazzy's feet, where are the mentions of Russell's play, Huselius hitting three posts, Chimera's effort (and open net miss at the end), and of the much better looking point play with Tyutin and Russell???? More coverage of Ovechkin today than of the CBJ.

The fans deserve better coverage. Did Tom Reed actually watch the game, or just catch the highlights on NHL Network????

And people wonder why I get on the local paper about their CBJ coverage . . .


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