Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Missed Opportunity -- 3-2 Loss To Phoenix

Heartbreaking game tonight -- another great effort goes for naught. The ice was definitely tilted in the CBJ's favor all night long, time of possession, faceoffs, hits, shots on goal, you name it. Penalty kill was tremendous. Though Phoenix technically got a PP goal, it was a weak lobber that looked like it caromed off of one stick and two bodies before changing trajectory over Mason's head. Mase probably would like the first goal back -- kind of took a misstep to the left as the puck was coming to his right, but this was not on him.

Power play held possession and got more shots off, but we clearly need a right handed shot out there, and maybe need to be a bit more reckless down low, firing pucks even when the lane may not appear clear.

Huselius was huge all night long, Boll looked better, and Voracek, Peca and Nash were consistently strong. Defense was consistent, we battled hard in the corners, and overall looked like an energetic, accomplished team. Some ragged puck handling in the neutral zone, and Hejda was not strong on the puck in his own zone. Most importantly, need to finish opportunities. This could easily have been an 8 - 2 game.

Scattered boos at the end were unwarranted, IMHO. Lots of effort out there tonight, just no finishing.

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