Friday, November 28, 2008

A Win That Slipped Through The Pads

This was a win, or at least an OTL, that slipped squarely through the pads of Pascal Leclaire. While he made a good save now and again, he was often a half step slow, looking behind him, and gave up two awful goals. No excuse for the game winner for an NHL starting goalie.

Overall, a very up-tempo and strong effort. Momentary lapses, and too much time in the penalty box, but some very strong play again from Huselius, Tyutin, Commodore, Umberger and others. Even Backman looked much better. Russell was very strong, and the fourth line chipped in with some good shifts. Huselius still haunted by the posts, and Nash likewise had a couple get away. Chimera missed a wide open net on the last PP, which could have made the whole thing moot.

This was one that should have been in the "W" column for the good guys, or at worst, an OTL. Maybe Leclaire is not 100% healthy, but he is noticeably slower than last year. For my money, look for Mason in goal tomorrow night, as that last goal will have Hitch seething.


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