Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Great Missing Car Caper -- Part I

As if the 3 - 2 loss to Phoenix wasn't enough, we (wife, son & I) strolled to the Chestnut Street garage to retrieve our car, and arrived at our 3rd level location to find -- missing car!!!! Needless to say, we scurry down to the office, meeting some fellow season ticket holders, who, like us, paid good money to Standard Parking for the full season. Their car was likewise missing, and were told that the car had been towed, as they were parked in Reserved spots.

Now, we have parked in exactly the same spots for 4 preseason and 11 regular season games, and even went so far as to check with 2 different employees as to where permissable parking and impermissable parking was located when we came to the first game this year, as this was a new garage for us. We were assured that these spots were fine.

After receiving several different stories from the onsite employee, assurances that the manager was on his way, and making a call to the Columbus Police to investigate the prospects for pressing charges, we were told that our cars had been towed to the 9th Floor of the garage! While two of us retrieved the cars, checking for damage, the manger and cohort arrive, and provide several different versions of what the rules were, finallly saying that they were not responsible for what their employees said!

Clearly the intent was to hold us up for towing fees, which we vociferously declined to do. Come Friday, Standard Parking will hear much more about this, and the CBJ will be notified about the quality of the vendor they have chosen to use for their parking. Stay tuned for the next installment . . .

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