Wednesday, November 26, 2008

TSN Has A Sense Of Humor

Seeing that Scott Cullen at TSN had downgraded the CBJ from 16 to 22 in the latest power rankings, I took the opportunity to email my disagreement, noting that the CBJ had dismantled Buffalo (#17) on the road, and had the same record, had beaten every Candadian team they had played ( with the exception of the second Edmonton fiasco), had two great battles with Minnesota, and shutout Atlanta.

Surprisingly, Cullen responded almost immediately:

My reasoning for the Jackets falling was that Pascal Leclaire returned and, unfortunately, he hasn’t been as good as Steve Mason. If Mason continues to take starts, or Leclaire starts playing better, I’ll happily move the Jackets up because their goaltending grade will be higher.

I have no problem with Columbus – and certainly no reason to want them to fail -- but, let’s not get too excited about shutout wins against Atlanta.

I had to concede the point about Atlanta . . . ;-)

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