Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Miscellany

Off day for the Jackets, 1 snoozer game on tonight (Avalanche vs. Islanders), so offer the following for your reading entertainment:

War Room Anomaly-- I was reading the Dispatch piece on the Toronto War Room this weekend, and was a little disappointed that there was not a bit more detail or revelation there. Almost everything there was found in earlier articles after the Malhotra fiasco. However, one factoid jumped out at me. The article noted that when a game was completed, the standings were updated in grease pencil on the board. Huh? Why would the War Room need the standings? Should it matter where a team is in the standings? Obviously, these guys undoubtedly know, at least in a general way, where the various teams stand. But to have a display of the current standings in the supposedly allegiance-agnostic War Room seems, at best, counterintuitive. Your thoughts?

Updated Playoff Picture -- Now that we are truly in the stretch run, I will update my playoff projections a bit more frequently. For those not familiar, these are based upon a teams track record all year long, and extending that through the end of the season. Here are the current numbers (with top 3 seeds going to division leaders):

1. San Jose 125 points
2. Detroit 117 points
3. Calgary 106 points
4. Chicago 106 points
5. Vancouver 95 points
6. Edmonton 89 points
7. Columbus 89 points
8. Minnesota 87 points
9. Dallas 86 points
10. Nashville 86 points
11. Anaheim 86 points
12. St. Louis 85 points
13. Los Angeles 81 points
14. Phoenix 77 points
15. Colorado 74 points

As predicted, the number for entry has actually gone down since the last report, due to the playoff contenders all beating up on each other and Dallas going on a slide to match their earlier rise after the injury to Richards.

Trade Prospects -- Nothing breaking as of yet today, though the table is being set. Here are my predictions for the CBJ:

1. Center/Top 6 Forward -- We will get 1 of the following -- Connolly, Antropov, Vermette, Staal.
2. 2nd Forward or Shooting Defenseman -- My money here is on Kubina
3. Backup Goaltender -- no idea here.

In exchange, I think you will see both Leclaire & Klesla go now together with a second round draft pick, and maybe a conditional draft pick. Could be minor players thrown in on each side, but those are the keys for me.

47.5 hours until the deadline. Howson's cell phone is in overdrive right now. Stay tuned.


Rick said...

Trade - Connolly & Vermette for Klesla & Leclaire. Those are the two deals I think will happen.

roadman said...


While I would love to see the two skill guys up front I wonder if that would be enough to amp up the PP. Some how, some way, we have to get more there. Don't know if the problem is at the point or down low; if they think the point people we have now are sufficient and the additio0nal skill down low will do the trick, then two forwards it is. Maybe the additional skill guys will give us the ability to carry the puck in instead of dumping. If not, if the thought is that we need more up high then a shooting D is the better second choice (Kubina?).

As much as I would like to think otherwise, the margin of error with the team as constituted is so slim I just don't like our odds. That being said I think moves have to be made. Whatever moves SH makes.

Just my thoughts. Fire away.

Jeff E. said...

Man, if we can trade two players who've been injured most of the season for 2 top producing players, what a coup!

Rick said...

SH isn't going to strap us with a high $$$ guy just to make the playoffs. I know there's a downside to Connolly (Injury) but when he's healthy he's good and Vermette still has another year left after this. It's got tobe better than what we ahve on the PP now. Vermette is also a top 6 forward.