Sunday, March 8, 2009

Nash Applauds Traveling Fans!!!

Not sure how many of the others who attended last night's game experienced the Drive From Hell today on the way home, but kudos to all who attended. We made our presence known, and, for the most part, were well received by the Detroit fans.

In answer to the question of whether the players notice a road presence like this, I offer Exhibit A, Captain Rick Nash providing a definitive answer at the beginning of his interview with Jim Day after the game last night. Here is the link!

Go Jackets!

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Hitch Rules said...

Way to go, Jacket Backers! Way to represent!

I just posted an item on the Dispatch's blog, strongly encouraging those folks to join. You guys are the best!

(RE: Outcome of game) In the words of brilliant orator, philosopher and renaisance man, Nature Boy Rick Flair: WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Carry the Flag!