Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trade Musings

With the LeClaire - Vermette deal now in the books, the following post just about 45 minutes before the trade in Puck Daddy proved to be correct:

Columbus Blue Jackets: They won a game last night against the Los Angeles Kings, 5-4, that was a total playoff atmosphere. They're sixth in the conference, they've hit the 70-point mark. It's time to make the leap for this franchise. They were in the Brad Richards Derby last season but refused to trade Pascal Leclaire to make it happen. (D'oh!) This team could use a stud puck-moving defenseman and that elusive top-two center; it's time for GM Scott Howson to get aggressive.

Darren Dreger of TSN is also saying that "Howson is just getting started."

I predicted 3 moves today. 1 in the book. Kuba has signed extension with Ottawa, and I don't think we are in the Morris hunt. Maybe Kubina from Toronto, or even Moore? I bet the "minor" deal Howson has in the works is for a backup goalie.

Stay tuned. Wild ride.

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roadman said...

SH got his man. Really preferred Vermette to other options all along but usually any such thought on my part is the kiss of death. Don't think that the second rounder was necessary but if that's what it took, so be it. I'm sure SH squeezed as hard as he thought he could. Would have liked to see a shot from the point for the PP as well, but won't complain about the day. His defensive ability and recovery speed may make him a candidate for that as well.

Will be very interesting to see how he fits in with the team and where he will play. I think he will get a shot at the middle on the top line at some point but probably not right away.

We made 70 pts before the deadline, got to feel good about that. Now just bring it home!!!