Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Morning Fare

EJust a few items to get your day going:

Clue On Howson Moves? -- I somehow missed the following small nugget from the Trade Deadline blog on, recapping Howson's media tour on Thursday:

Howson also said that it is likely that the Blue Jackets will call up Filatov from Syracuse in the near future and that will be like a trade in the impact it will have on his current NHL roster.

If we are planning on calling up Filatov sometime soon, there would need to be room for him. That means somebody has to go somewhere else, either Syracuse or another team. Could we be shopping one or more of our existing forwards? Perhaps the Chimera situation makes this possible, but perhaps not. Stay tuned.

Guerin Watch -- Still no word on Bill Guerin's destination. Front runners are Montreal, New Jersey and Washington.

Rooting Interest -- Except for the Detroit debacle, the rooting interest went pretty well yesterday. Today we simply want the Penguins to beat Dallas, and a CBJ victory over the Canucks (you could make arguments either way on the Chicago/Kings game. If you are greedy and looking at 4th, root for the Kings over the Hawks. If you simply want the Kings to go away for good, the Blackhawks are your pick).

Vancouver preview later. Go Jackets!


BZArcher said...

Filatov getting called up again is really interesting. Especially since we know Howson intends to grab a centre at the deadline, that makes me wonder if one of the possible plans in the pipe is to shut down Chimera, reunite Nash and Juice with the acquired pivot, and maybe reunite the Voracek - Filatov pairing from earlier in the season?

Filatov - Williams - Voracek does sound pretty damn interesting...all that speed and playmaking. Ooo.

Rick said...

Is this an EXCITING time to be a fan, or what? CBJ...Playoffs...WOW!!!

roadman said...
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roadman said...

Puck Rakers reporting the rumor of an apparent LeClair for Vermette trade.