Friday, March 6, 2009

Sanity Check

Our young guys got a taste last night of what happens if you play tentatively. Good lesson, and time to move on. Due to work commitments, I came in toward the end of the second period. Climbed in the car just as they announced Williams' goal, and got home to see Nash's goal and the following rather bizarre sequence of events.

Since I didn't see the whole game, can't do a full +/-, but here are my observations on what I saw:

  • Some bizarre breaks -- Russell puts the puck in our own net (why doesn't the Dispatch mention this???), which was a killer at the time
  • Game where people will look at the score and wonder about Mase, but he had basically an own-goal by Russel, a breakaway, and a screened tip in by Erat. Tough to fault him on those, and I didn't see the first goal.
  • We are being way to sloppy in our own zone --not only turnovers, but providing too much space, not clearing the crease, etc. I would rather see us take a penalty than have those goons hang out in the blue paint in front of Mason.
  • Our younger guys looked lost last night -- Dorsett and Rome in particular, but Boll as well. Dorsett and Boll need to temper their "hit it if it moves" attitude with playing some real defense.
  • For one of the few times in recent memory, we lost on the detail stuff -- faceoffs and hits. Those are the things that create opportunities.
  • We miss the senior leadership of Modin, Peca, Chimera on our lower lines. Even Gratton has been a stabilizing influence on the 4th line.
  • Credit to Rinne -- very solid.
  • Umberger and Voracek continue to impress.

Road games at Nashville always bring the worst out in us. Not an awful game in terms of execution, but one where a series of little flaws killed us. On to Detroit, where we ironically match up better.

We will be there, sporting our blue! Go Jackets!


Anonymous said...

I'm with ya really saw 3 clear problems...1) players (veterans & rookies alike) reaching for pucks with stick vs skating to the puck. I saw this both along the boards & middle of the ice even with an opposing player going for same puck. If you want the results you have to do the work!!! 2)Head down passes when trying to move the puck out of our zone. Keep your head up & stop watching your stick, show some confidence after all you're pro's!!! 3) Too many passes in offensive zone, as Gretzky said "you miss on 100% of the shots you never take."!!! You can scrum & hit all night but the object of the game remains put the biscuit in the basket!!! Act like you've been there before even if you haven't!!! Play like you want it not like you need it! Rant over!!!

roadman said...

It seems to me we just plain got beat. By what was, at least for the night, a better team. We just weren't good enough. In just about every area, hustle, hitting, face-offs, goal-tending we were good.... but just not good enough. It looked a little like the deer in the headlights. Welcome to the pressure cooker of "getting to the playoffs hockey". The Preds been there, too many of our guys have not. With all due respect to Commie, Jwill, RJ, Peca Modine et all, we are still a very young hockey team. For the first time I can think of, last night we really looked like it. Let's hope that this shall pass, that he vets can stabilize things and we can move forward.