Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nash Getting Love From

Nice piece on our captain here at! Penguins preview and some miscellany later today.

Go Jackets!

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roadman said...

CBJ press from Red Light District

Is Columbus playoff-bound??
Ok, Jackets fans… take a deep breath, exhale, and repeat numerous times… alright! The Columbus Blue Jackets are looking more and more like a playoff team. Behind the goaltending of rookie Steve Mason, and the poise and leadership from Rick Nash, Columbus looks to be headed to their first ever postseason.

On Saturday, the Jackets were heading into their most important 6-game stretch in franchise history:
- 3/7 @ DET
- 3/10 vs. BOS
- 3/12 vs. PIT
- 3/13 @ CHI
- 3/15 vs. DET
- 3/18 vs. CHI
And so far they’re passing the test. They crushed the Red Wings 8-2, and shut out Boston last night. Thursday will be another litmus test for this group. The Pens seem unbeatable as their in the midst of a drama-filled 7-game winning streak. Is Mason up to the challenge?? He’s been decent at best following shut outs this year (excluding his shut out streak in Dec.). I believe if they get through this 6-game stretch in playoff position, they will be going to the dance. No matter what happens in this final month, it’s by far the most exciting time ever to be a Blue Jackets fan. Soak it in, Columbus…