Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Night Check In

Wife and I were victimized by the rather freakish snowstorm that hit certain parts of the midwest last night and early today. So, our rather simple 7:50 AM flight from St. Louis to Chicago, then Chicago to Columbus, turned into an 11:45 flight from St. Louis to Chicago, followed by a flight from Chicago to Cleveland, followed by a drive from Cleveland to Columbus. Lovely day . . .

Of course, got home to be greeted by a rare stinker by the CBJ. Time for the boys to take a day off, get their focus back. Tonight we had plenty of energy, just no execution, and some really catastrophic mistakes, particularly in our own zone. Steve made some great saves, but also some bad decisions. With Nashville winning as well, and Anaheim currently beating Colorado, things are tightening up. We are still in the driver's seat, and the other teams have their challenges in the final half dozen as well.

We are 3-1-2 for the first half of the Dirty Dozen, so that ain't half bad. 8 of 12 possible points -- a .750 clip. Just need to get back to basics.

Exhaustion has set in, so will defer the game review and playoff status posts until tomorrow. Thanks to all the CBJ fans who represented well in St. Louis. Go Jackets!


Rick said...

Glad you made it back in one piece. The wife & I saw you on tv last night. Way to represent!!!

Carry The Flag!!!

BZArcher said...

Sorry to hear about the glad weather! Glad you're home safe.

roadman said...

Trips like that just take everything out of you. Ugh, hate it when that happens. Glad you are back.

Sunday's game was a stinker all right, but there will be some of those. On to the next game got to take down "Darth Vader", Can't get too high, can't get too low. All we have to do, is do what we have been doing. I don't think anyone really thought we were going to win out, just .500 from here is all we need. Just win the home games or even steal just one road win or OT point. It was never gooing to be easy. Nobody else has a cake walk either. So...