Monday, March 9, 2009

Playoff Update

Here is the most recent playoff update, through the games of yesterday. This is based on every team playing at their overall pace for the remainder of the year, so that this takes ups and downs along the way into account. Division winners get top 3 seeds.

1. San Jose 120 points
2. Detroit 117 points
3. Calgary 104 points
4. Chicago 104 points
5. Vancouver 97 points
6. Columbus 89 points
7. Edmonton 88 points
8. Minnesota 87 points
9. Nashville 87 points
10. Dallas 87 points
11. St. Louis 83 points
12. Anaheim 83 points
13. Los Angeles 82 points
14. Phoenix 76 points
15. Colorado 73 points

Picture remains pretty close to last week, with the top four falling a little, Vancouver surging, and the bottom few falling a bit. Under this scenario, 88 is a lock and 87 gets 8th, subject to tiebreakers. Based on 88 points, the CBJ would have to just play .500 hockey from here on in to qualify. 9 - 7 gets us to 90 points, which is much safer!

Go Jackets!


Rick said...

This team is playing like a classic "Hitch" team; built for the playoffs. I'm starting to hear that quite a few teams are not looking forward to having to possibly play us in the playoffs. I like it!!!

Carry The Flag!!!

roadman said...

Agreed, have heard/read several comments now that indicate NO ONE wants the CBJ in the playoffs. Even heard the guys on NHL Live today just before interviewing Nash talking about how the CBJ with a hot Mason could do some damage.

That being said, let us not put the cart ahead of the horse. We are not here yet, still need to stay the course and earn another 20 points. As I have mentioned before lets hope the Dead Wing trashing launches us on another run just like the Washington win did. Then we can discuss who it is that doesn't want to face us.

Carry the Flag!!!